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Solarfri Flower Farm is committed to the slow flower movement. The cut flower industry is slowly changing from an international supply chain that relies on imported flowers to one that highlights locally grown, sustainable flower growers. More than 80% of the flowers in the United States are imported from countries where underpaid laborers tend to blooms that are exposed to harmful pesticides, preserved with chemicals and cut days or weeks earlier than optimal. We seek to provide you with local, sustainably grown flowers that remain fresh much longer than a typical supermarket bouquet. 
We take pride in the practices we have implemented on our farm. Although we are not certified organic, we grow all of our flowers using sustainable and natural practices. We are continually building our soil and cultivating the land to reap the greatest benefits for our flowers. 
During the off-season, planting cover crops builds and protects the health of our soil by replenishing nutrients, preventing soil erosion and hindering the growth of weeds. In doing so, we reduce the need for herbicides and foster a natural predator-prey relationship to eliminate our use of chemical pesticides.  Our diversity of offerings and use of cover crops attracts a wide array of beneficial insects and creatures that help manage invasive pests.  Lastly, we further protect the environment by selling locally, directly to our customers.  By not having our flowers flown from other areas of the world, you can enjoy freshly cut, seasonal blooms at peak freshness.

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Medium sized bouquets of mixed flowers grown and picked fresh on our farm.  Bouquets will include stems of the freshest flowers available that week plus other fillers and foliage.  Specific flowers and colors will change depending on what is ready to be picked on any given day. 



Sunflower bunches will include stems of the most vibrant, summery flowers on our farm!  We grow several different types of pollenless sunflowers, so your bunch will vary based on what is blooming at cutting time.  Please note that our sunflowers are cut before they are fully open to ensure the longest vase life, but they will begin to open fully once you get them displayed in your vase.  Size of bouquet will vary depending on the size of that days blooms.


Large bucket of flowers for the DIY bride, parties or other events.  Flowers will be cut fresh and conditioned to ensure the longest vase life.  Depending on the season, you may receive a mix of sunflowers, zinnias, ageratum, celosia cockscomb and plumes, millet, eucalyptus, basil, dahlia, scabiosa, bachelor buttons and/or many other varieties that we grow.  Flowers and colors will vary from week to week depending on what is ready to be cut that week.   

*Straight buckets available by request dependent on availability.  Contact us to inquire.

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